Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hi Guys!

I know, long time no post! I've moved my blog, and I'm hoping that you all will follow me here! If you are just coming across my blog, please feel free to follow the link to my new blog! I will follow you back! :-)
Thanks so much!
I'm also on Twiter :-)

Stay Beautiful!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Yes! More beauty deals and steals!

Photo in it's entirety belongs to thefairest.com

The Fairest is yet another private beauty sale site that has launched recently. I read about their site on The Daily Candy (of course!) and a here is a link to the actual site: The Fairest.

Sign up and enjoy! Let me know what you find!

Stay Beautiful!

Get The Skinny on....

Hey guys!

I just joined The Skinny, a membership only beauty site which gives it's members access to exclusive sales on premier skin care products and spa treatments.

With a membership to this exclusive beauty club, you'll receive weekly invites to shop sales on skin care delights (up to 75% off).

The professionals at The Skinny will also provide personalized product recommendations and educational videos to help you find the perfect product at the perfect deal! What could be sweeter?!

The Skinny's first sale begins November 4Th, hurry and sign up so that you don't miss out! Also, keep in mind that if you invite your friends you can receive up to 20% off your first purchase! (5 friends= 10% off and 15 friends= 20%off.)

P.S. I got the down low on this wonderful site from the lovely folks at DailyCandy.com. I am subscribed to their San Francisco edition and I receive regular emails about fashion and beauty finds! :-)

Stay Beautiful!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Emptying my camera...

Hello ladies and gents!

Every so often I find myself in the house bored with nowhere to go, so....I pull out my makeup! When I'm working I almost always end up doing a very clean look so I rarely get to experiment with more bold fun looks. (big bummer) So, when I'm at home playing in my kit, I usually try to do a look that I either haven't done, or try a technique I want to improve upon and I usually end up snapping a few photos. (well...maybe more than a few)

I LOVE green on my eyes, so naturally this is my fav. :-)

OMG!! "The Attack of the Shine" Part XXIV...lol

This is not one of my favorites...oh well...practice makes a disciplined scholar. :-)
Stay Beautiful!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


This is what I wore on my eyes today.
Base: Sorme Perse Eyeshadow Base, NARS Lola Lola shadow
Crease: Make Up For Ever # 92
Lid (pink) M.A.C Azalea Blush (yea I know I probably shouldn't use this on my eyes)
Inner Corner: Coastal Scents Gold Fine Mica pigment.
Highlight: M.A.C Texture
Eyeliner: M.A.C Fluidline, and random black pencil.

Stay Beautiful!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today I was inspired by...



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Friday, October 2, 2009

So, I've been slacking on my blogging! But! I went out last Saturday so...New makeup look! HeHe ;-)

Hello all!

I went out last Saturday for one my BFF Brittany's B-Day Celebration. (Happy Birthday Britt!)
Below are the photos of the makeup look chose to wear. A list of what I used is below the photos, as well as a (somewhat confusing) explanation.

FYI. The first 4 pics were from me practicing the look earlier in the day, so the end result was slightly different. The last two photos are from the final look.

Here's what I used.

Prep: Herbalife Herbal Aloe Everyday Soothing Spray. (YES Herbalife! LOL...I got this as a gift.) **LOVE** it!
Prime: Dermalogica Barrier Repair.
Concealer: M.A.C Select Moisturecover in NW45
Foundation: Bare Minerals in Deepest Deep
Blush: Iman Luxury Blushing Powder in Sable. Love this. I use it to warm my face before applying blush or in lieu of color blush. I think it imparts a natural glow. :-)I need to buy a few more before they disappear or become hard to find!
Nars Exibit A for a bit of color. This is a VERY intense red so apply carefully!
Nars Taos on top of that, applied lightly for a nice glow.
Base: M.A.C Select Moisturecover in NW45
Crease: Burgundy eyeliner to define crease, and blend M.A.C Deep Damson shadow into crease.
Lid only: Indian wood Paint pot, then M.A.C Amber Lights. I used a bit of Make Up For Ever Star powder in Copper on top.
Eyeliner: Upper lash, M.A.C Fluidline in Blacktrack. Lower, random sharp black eyeliner.
Brows: I filled in my brows using M.A.C Carbon and Handwritten (drk brwn) and then cleaned them up underneath with my concealer and an angle brush.
Lipbalm: Nivea A Kiss Of Moisture, Esential lip care.
Lipliner: Sorme Perse Eyeliner in Brown 3. This is the perfect brown (no red tone) and I prefer it as a lipliner. Blackberry lipliner. I blend a bit with my Brown Lipliner.
Lipstick: True Cosmetics Soft Lip color in Sophisticate (brownish, greyish, pinkish nude). Revlon Lipgloss: Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Raisin Glaze.
Stay Beautiful!