Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Past Work ;-)

Lately I've been going through my portfolio in order to update it. I am currently in the process of removing old photos to make room for new ones, and it's very interesting to see where I have improved and where I may still need improvement. There is still a lot of technical things that I have yet to learn and others that I continue to struggle with but I think I am coming along nicely and I know that with the proper training, practice and confidence, I will continue to grow. Overall, I've had the opportunity to work with some awesome people, and for that I'm grateful...I love what I do and I hope to be able to do it for the rest of my life, successfully. The photos below aren't in chronological order.

This photo is from a myspace competition I participated in a couple of years ago. The theme was Drag, and I think I won 2Nd or third place. LOL...I know I look crazy, but this was fun to do. :-)

While attending SFIEC, I was on the Design team, it was a lot of fun and we were given the opportunity to practice or skills at real events. The next three photos are from fashion shows that we participated in. :-)
I got lost on the way to this
Photographer: AlbertsPhotography
This was fun to do. We didn't have a place to do makeup so we did it on a park bench!

Photographer Kirill M
Model: Antoinette Everett
I did a bit of makeup for a indie 60's style horror film. Canvas of Blood. :-)

I think this was my first actual photoshoot. :-)

Photographer: UrbanShutterbug
Model: Raquel T
Preston was a blast to work with! Jieun is an awesome photographer.
Jieun Lee Photography
Model Preston Stone
Christian is awesome, great energy! He just called me out of nowhere one day and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with him. Diana is great too, she is a photography student and model and this was my second time working with her. (see fashion show photos)
Photographer: Christian Pollock
Model Diane Dinou-Nitescu
Photographer Jenn Vang is so fun, and I love her energy! She's a student at the Academy of Art University SF.
Photographer: Vang Photography
Model: Brooke Torres

Stay Beautiful!


Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

Oh wow I have always thoght that would be an amazing job you are very artistic!!

Kade Boteh said...

Aww! Thanks so much! BTW I LOVE cooking, sewing AND crafting! Your blog is awesome!